Rathi Bars Ltd. - A Name of Trust over Sixty Years in TMT Bars

Rathi - a name which has been creating new benchmarks in the sphere of construction steel for over sixty years. A name which is at the foundation of countless dreams, numerous landmarks and distinctive structures. In fact, Rathi is the name which is associated with absolute trust. Rathi continues its quest to generate new ways and means to serve you better: In its endeavour to break new grounds in techno-superiority and service quality, Rathi has now introduced RATHI SHAKTIMAN construction steel bars. This has been done in keeping with its mission to produce steel bars that are technologically superior, earthquake resistant, cost innovative and are the basis of structures that will last for the generation to come.


  • Unique Production Process by Hot Charging

Using the world's best technology, RATHI SHAKTIMAN Steel Bars draw their strength from computer controlled in-line process of hardening & tempering using hot rolling (TMT). After leaving the last rolling stand at the required temperature, the hot rolled bar passes through a set of specially designed cooling pipes. The outer layer gets cooled while the core is still hot. The surface of the bar gets self-tempered by the heat from the core. The combination of a tempered martensite surface and ferrite + fine pearlite core provides considerably higher strength and ductility to the finished material, making it ideally suited for building strong structures
At Rathi, we use the unique hot rolling process of production in which we use the best quality MS Sheet Cutting to produce inhouse high quality chemically tested billets, which are directly hot rolled into the rolling mills this being a unique facility only with Rathi in the whole of Northern India

Every step in the operation of the Thermomechanical (TMT) process as been scientifically engineered to ensue perfection to the core. From monitoring the chemistry of raw material, diameter of the bar and speed of rolling to calculating the quantity, pressure and temperature of water to attain the optimum physical parameters every time.

The unique rib pattern of RATHI SHAKTIMAN Steel Bars is not only uniform but also solid and provides unparalleled bond strength between the bar and the surrounding concrete. RATHI SHAKTIMAN Steel Bars conform to the stipulations of IS: 1786 and international standards.


The higher tensile strength of RATHI SHAKTIMAN Steel Bars enables reduction in quantity of steel required in civil projects. RATHI SHAKTIMAN Steel Bars have exceptional dimensional tolerance and are rolled on the negative side of the Indian Standards Code, resulting in lower steel consumption.


Higher strength and enhanced elongation of RATHI SHAKTIMAN Steel Bars mean economy in steel consumption without compromising safety.


RATHI SHAKTIMAN Steel Bars are a perfect combination of strength and ductility. Elongation in RATHI SHAKTIMAN Steel Bars is a measure of ductility, and the very fact that RATHI SHAKTIMAN Steel Bars attain elongation of up to 22%, says it all.


With their tough outer surface and soft core, RATHI SHAKTIMAN Steel Bars have excellent bendability, which makes the work at construction sites easy and safe. RATHI SHAKTIMAN Steel Bars can be bent around mandrels much smaller in diameter than those specified in IS: 1786..


Due to controlled quantity of Carbon and Manganese, RATHI SHAKTIMAN Steel Bars derive excellent welability. There is no loss of strength at weld joints. This ensures that they can be butt-welded or lap-welded without any requirement for pre or post welding treatment.

Achieved hot Rolling Process, a unique process of rolling hot high quality billets which are rolled directly into the rolling mill eliminating the reheating process. This facility existing only in our plants in Northern India.


We market our product Steel bars under the brand "RATHI", which is a popular brand and preferred choice of consumers in Northern India for its quality and reliability. However, the "RATHI" Trademark belongs to the Rathi Foundation, a syndicate of the Rathi Group, which includes all members of the erstwhile Rathi family. The brand enjoys high goodwill and premium in the market.
We manufacture TMT bars using the "THERMEX" technology, which is patent of the German collaborator M/s Hennigsdorfer Stahln Engineering GmbH, and the Company is licensed to use the same. We are one of exclusive licencees to use the "Thermex" technology to manufacture TMT bars in Northern India..
The Company has a very strong and committed network of dealers who spare no efforts to keep maintain the image of the Company and provide value-added service to the customers. This network of dealers consists of nearly 800 retail outlets spread all over Northern India.

  • The main features of our marketing strategy are as following :

Effective Brand Extension :The "RATHI" name is a well established and reputed brand in the Northern India.
Retail Marketing :Our retail network includes nearly 800 outlets spread all over Northern India.
Direct Sales :We have a highly experienced and committed team of sales executives who cater directly to the needs of our Corporate and Government clients.

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