TMT bars or Thermo-Mechanically Treated bars are high-strength reinforcement bars

It is backbone of every civil construction deep rooted into foundation they bear the load of building, slabs, beams, columns etc..It has a hard outer surface and a softer core.he strength of the TMT bars is exceptionally high and even combined with high ductility.It can provide 20% additional strength to the structure.
1.In the manufacturing process of these TMT bars, no twisting or bending of the steel is being employed upon the steel bars.
2.Due to the excellent bending property, these bars can be employed in various constructional purposes.
3.These bars can be employed for the purpose of weld joints, without compromising with the strength of the structure.
4.It leaves the quench box with atemperature gradientthrough its cross section.
5.The bar leaves the quench box with atemperature gradientthrough its cross section. As the bar cools, heat flows from the bar's centre to its surface so that the bar's heat and pressure correctly tempers an intermediate ring of martensite andbanit…

Rathi Bars Ltd. - A Name of Trust over Sixty Years in TMT Bars

Rathi - a name which has been creating new benchmarks in the sphere of construction steel for over sixty years. A name which is at the foundation of countless dreams, numerous landmarks and distinctive structures. In fact, Rathi is the name which is associated with absolute trust. Rathi continues its quest to generate new ways and means to serve you better: In its endeavour to break new grounds in techno-superiority and service quality, Rathi has now introduced RATHI SHAKTIMAN construction steel bars. This has been done in keeping with its mission to produce steel bars that are technologically superior, earthquake resistant, cost innovative and are the basis of structures that will last for the generation to come.


Unique Production Process by Hot Charging Using the world's best technology, RATHI SHAKTIMAN Steel Bars draw their strength from computer controlled in-line process of hardening & tempering using hot rolling (TMT). After leaving the last roll…